2018-19 Winter Spring


Organic Product

NEBULAVO uses natural materials in our products, such as bamboo, linen and hemp.
We use organically grown cotton as we pride ourselves on being enviromentally friendly.


When our products are dyed we are careful to use “BOTANICAL DYE” .
“BOTANICAL DYE” is a method which by using patented starch brings out the best in the natural ingredients used.

NEBULAVO has a range of classical dye colours whitch when added to the traditional dying method INDIGO/AIZOME of LITMUS.
We are able to produce amazing original colours.



The material is dyed giving an untouched, natural feel.


Ginger is said to warm the body,asnd was used to treat colds.
In the past it was hung outside the house to warn off bad spirits.


It is well known to be a stone that has great spiritual power. It was even found in Tutankhamun’ s tomb. It is used to improve eye-sight, blood circulation and is said to be effective against thyroid problems.


LOGWOOD is a member of the legume family, and consists of the whole spectrum of colours. It is a colour worn by buddist priests as it is considered to be spiritual. It is also thought to protect us from evill spirits. It is a very hard wood with a strong musical echo and as such is often used in various musical instruments.


It is a stone that was often given to travellers before they embar ked on a journey as it is believed to be able to sense danger. It has a sedative effect relaxing and calming the nerves.


Bamboo is famously a fast growing plant and is used in child celebration to encourage healthy growth. It has anti bacterial propertes and was used in lunch boxes and water bottles. When burnt, charcoal has many useful properties and is thought to protect against rediation. It dries very quickly.


It is famous for being the fragrance that CLEOPATRA fell in love with. It contains vitamin and rose oil which reduces tiredness improves vitality and makes for a beautiful skin.


It is a stone that is found in the North of Japan in Hokkaido, The infared waves that is emits are useful in reducing free radicals. It contains iron, aluminium and titanium, which has water purfying properties and has recently been shown to have UV cut abilities. When it snows, the snow refuses to settle on the stone and is called “The God Stone” .