NEBULAVO was founded in 2003. With the following 3 basic concepts.

1) Pacifying military wear
2) 3R’ s Reuse, Remake, Recycle
3) Traditional blend

By combiling the above 3 basic concepts with, cultures we have met on our travels.
By using organic natural materials we hope to provide products that are not only kind to people but also the enviroment.
Each piece we treat with delicate care and aim not to increase the waste in the world.


In painful reality,war has had a profond and effect on today’ s technology.
Military wear is actually manufactured using the latest technoligies and extremely durable materials which produce very little waste.
So i this sense, we can say it is a very non-wasteful product. In spite of this we hope that there is no necessity to make new military wear.
Our purpose is to reform war-worn military clothes in to everyday peaceful street wear. Therefore – clothes made for war are now remade for peace.

Insted of destroy – evolve,
Insted of fear – humor.


The present world is filled with things, new things which one day will naturally be redundant,

this is the natural cycle we live in.However in order to fill our lives with new things we tend to dispose of things we have grown tired of.
There are numerais reasons why this happens, small holes,stains,old-fashioned, etc, but we want to breathe fresh life into these products, by making slight changes, to these products.
The world has reached a point where we cannot ignore the waste that is produces, Those who do not search for treasure, do not find tresure. However, if you search for treasure you will be surprised to find how easy it is to find.

Insted of waste, reuse.
Instead of abandoning, provide possibility.


As time passes we find ourselves living a in a world that our ancestors would not recognise. Travelling overseas used to be a once in a life – time experence, however, with the invent of the internet the world is less mysterious place.
The present world is far smaller.
Some may say we are a completely different species from our ansestors, however that said in many ways we are starting to apprecite the simple things of by gone times, and this is what we NEBULAVO aims to do.



Born- Hiroshima.
Kyoto College Of Art / fashion

Design assistant.
Fashion show stylist.
World traveler.

Resided in Amsterdam where I became interested in the 3R’ S . Sold to select shops in Amsterdam.

Costume designer

2003 – NEBULAVO founnded. In a small art institute.
2009 – Moved to a more natural mountain place.